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Cours de Danse Clermont Oise et Moyvillers Oise

Chanteurs Country

     Clint Black     né le 04/02/1962 dans le New Jersey - USA -  "Like the rain",  "State of Mind" 




   Brooks & Dunn    groupe américain  composé de Kix Brooks et Ronnie Dunn  - "Boot Scootin' Boogie", "South of Santa Fe", "Play Something Country"





Tracy Bird    né le 17/12/1966 au Texas -  " I'm from the Country" -" Holdin' Heaven"tra.jpg 





Carlene Ccarlene.jpgarter   née le 26/09/1955 à Nashville - USA -  "Every Little Thing" -"Come on Back"





Patsy Clpatsy.jpgine    08/09/1932 Virginie USA - 05/03/1963 -  "Walkin' After Midnight"





John Anderson  12/12/1955 en Floride -   "Seminole Wind",  "Eye of a Hurricane",  "I love you again"






Shania Twain  28/08/1965 en Ontario -Canada - "Man I feel like a woman",  " Any man of mine",  "I'm gonna getcha good",  "You're still the one"


Toby Keith  08/07/1961 dans l'Oklahoma  - "I love this bar",  "Beer for my horses",  "Cabo san lucas",  "Just the guy to do it"


Tim Mc Graw  01/05/14967 en Louisiane -  "Just be your tear",  "My old friend",  "Renegade",  "Country boys and girls"


Tracy Lawrence  27/01/1968 au Texas  - " Time marches on",  "Texas tornado",  "Stars over Texas",  "Watermelon crawl"


George Strait  18/05/1952 au Texas -  "Easy come, easy go",  "I just want to dance with you",  "Love bug"


 Rodney Atkins  28/03/1969 Tennessee -  "If you're going through hell"  choré: 2 Hell And Back.  -  "It's America"  -  "15 minutes"


 Mary Chapin Carpenter   1958 à Princeton -  "I Feel Luky" choré: Cheyenne;  "Never Had It So Good"


Johnny Cash  26/02/1932 Arkansas - 12/09/2003 Nashville -  "Ring Of Fire"  -  "Get Rythm" - "Big River"


Charlie Daniels  28/10/1936 Wilmington - Caroline du Nord  -  "Fais Do Do"  -  "South's Gonna Do It Again"   -  "Devil Went Down To Georgia"


Kenny Chesney  26/03/1968 Knoxville - Tennessee  -  "there Goes My Life" - "Beer In Mexico" -  "The Boys Of Fall"


The MAVERICKS, groupe américain fondé en 1989 à Miami et composé de 8 membres  -  " Cucaracha"  -  "Pizzirico"